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We work in conjunction with your existing advisors such as your attorney, CPA, insurance agent, bank representative as well as your employer benefits team to build a comprehensive approach to financial and investment planning. This ensures that proper coordination takes place for work that may have already been done, and serves to identify missing gaps and planning opportunities.

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John Koshy AIF ®, CRPS®, CLTC®

Managing Partner

Symphony Retirement Partners, LLC

(512) 337-8060 | Office

Symphony Retirement Partners, LLC is a registered investment advisor, committed to acting as fiduciaries. With a fee-based approach, we prioritize transparency and our clients' best interests.

With over three decades of experience as an advisor since 1989, I have provided counsel on estate, retirement, and investment planning issues for successful individuals and families.

My streamlined process revolves around understanding your financial needs, desires, and long-term objectives. I then assist you in creating, evaluating, and executing a tailored financial plan that is tied to an investment strategy that specifically caters to your unique circumstances.

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What Sets Your Service Apart From Others?

Through personalized service, we provide customized financial plans that provide you with a comprehensive view of your financial situation.

We develop your plan by assessing your current situation. We then construct a cash flow based financial model to determine if you're on track to meet your future financial goals. We incorporate different scenarios into the plan to illustrate how decisions in one area may affect others. Our 5-Step Process enables us to keep you on track with periodic reviews and updates to your plan.

Most importantly you get to speak to a real human being instead of a robot which allows for better communication and understanding. This enables us to promptly address any concerns or queries, resulting in greater satisfaction. Ultimately, we hope to empower our client's with greater control, peace of mind, and a sense of being genuinely cared for.

Why Hire An Advisor?

Hiring a financial advisor for successful retirement planning offers several benefits:

  • Expertise: Advisors have deep knowledge in retirement planning, investments, taxes, and risk management, providing informed decision-making.
  • Personalized Advice: They create tailored retirement plans based on your financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance.
  • Investment Guidance: Advisors design strategies aligned with your goals, recommending suitable investment options.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: They regularly assess and adjust your portfolio to keep your plan on track, adapting to life events.
  • Retirement Income: Advisors help plan tax-efficient withdrawals and explore income sources during retirement.
  • Estate Planning: They offer guidance and collaborate with attorneys to protect and manage your wealth for future generations.

In short, a financial advisor brings expertise, personalized guidance, and ongoing support for a secure retirement.

Tell Us About Your Experience?

I have been active in the financial services industry since 1989, and until most recently was a member of the wealth management team at Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors where my team and I provided counsel on the estate, retirement and investment planning needs for successful individuals and families.

As an independent advisor at Symphony Retirement Partners, LLC, my primary focus is addressing the factors that influence successful retirement. I have the flexibility to collaborate with professionals from diverse financial organizations nationwide, enabling me to deliver a superior level of service. By leveraging their collective knowledge, experience, and support systems, I can effectively meet your specific needs.

Professional Industry Designations:

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF ®)   
  • Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS®)
  • Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC ®)

How Are Services Provided?

All services are provided online. Our client's have found it to be the most effective way to communicate regularly, and appreciate the flexibility that it provides for regular meetings irrespective of where they may be. We are based out of Round Rock, Texas - but have had the pleasure to visit with client's across Texas specifically in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin, College Station, Waco and in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.